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Credit Card Processing
Accepting credit cards and processing payments against them involves interaction between your shopping cart and two outside entities: the credit card processor and the bank at which you have a merchant account.
Website2Go uses CyberCash for credit card processing. When your customer finishes ordering, his billing information is transmitted to CyberCash to verify his identity as the credit card holder and the card's ability to pay for the purchase. We already have the necessary software installed on our servers, but you will need to register your online store with CyberCash.

When you apply for a credit card merchant account, the bank may make the necessary CyberCash arrangements as part of the process. If not, you may call 877-WEB-2002 for our assistance in registering with CyberCash, or you may do it yourself from their website (

If you register yourself, here are some things you'll need to know:

  • Use Internet Explorer as your browser. Some of the CyberCash pages do not work correctly in Netscape.
  • Choose the default Cash Register option, and decline the Instapay option.
  • Skip past the Download Software page. We already have the software on our servers.
  • The name of your ISP is "website2Go" and the name of your shopping cart software is "webshop2Go."
  • We suggest that you save the final registration webpage from your browser as a text file, since it contains information you'll need to configure your shopping cart and to provide to your merchant account bank.
Don't hesitate to call us at 877-WEB-2002 if you run into problems.
Merchant Account
You will need to open a credit card merchant account with a bank. Website2Go has arranged favorable terms with Citibank: a $204 application fee, a $25 monthly fee, and a per-transaction fee of 2.4% + $0.40; this also includes all CyberCash fees. Or you can arrange your own merchant account, perhaps with your existing bank. You will need a separate account for online purchases - one you may already have for point-of-sale card acceptance will not work.
Configure Your Credit Card Processor
When you click on the Edit Processor Info button, you will see this screen:

The default is AutoApprove Orders, so you can build and test your shop before going "live" with CyberCash. AutoApprove will accept any billing information and appear to process the order normally, even emailing you a notice that an order was placed. But the credit card's authenticity won't be verified and the card will not be billed.

When you're ready to go live, select CyberCash and click the Next button, to get this screen:


Enter the CyberCash ID, the Hash Secret, and the Merchant Key. This information is provided by CyberCash when you register with them. See Credit Card Processing for more information.

Your store will accept Visa and MasterCard by default, but you should check the cards you tell CyberCash you actually wish to accept.