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Setting Shop Preferences
In this screen, you make a number of settings that affect the operation of your online store.

Shop Name
Enter a name for your online store. This can be anything you wish, and will appear in the browser's title bar when the customer is in your store pages.
Address confirmations from
Enter the email address from which order confirmations appear to come. A confirmation is sent automatically to your customer when an order is placed. This can be any address you wish, and does not have to be an actual working email address. Examples:,
Send new order notifications to
Enter the email address to which notification of a new order will be sent. This is how we let you know a customer has placed an order. You should enter your own email address, or that of someone else you designate to fulfill your orders.
Number of products to list in Edit Products screen
This is how you control how the master list of products appears in your browser. To see all products in your database, no matter how long the list, set this entry to zero.
Carts expire after
The number of days a shopper's cart will retain unpurchased items before resetting the cart to empty; before the cart expires, a shopper may leave your site, return later, and resume shopping where he left off.
Optional Order Prefix
You may wish all of your orders to begin with a special identifier. For example, you may receive orders from more than one online store using the same merchant account and want to track your sales accordingly.