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Getting your Orders
When your customer checks out and purchases the contents of his or her shopping cart, the order is posted to the View Orders screen, and our server sends you an email with the details so you can fulfill the order.
The View Orders screen

The number of orders displayed per screen may be changed using the pop-up menu at the top right of the screen. You may view the list sorted on any column, by clicking that column's title. The date format is: year (4 digits), month (2 digits), date (2 digits), and a time stamp (24-hour clock: hours, minutes, seconds). The status will be "pending," "approved," or "shipped." "Pending" and "approved" are set by the server according to the type of CyberCash transaction.

The ID number is linked to an order detail screen with the same information sent to you via email:


You may change the status to "shipped" via the pop-up menu on this screen.
The notification message
For each order, you will receive an email that contains:
  • the product information, including product name, price, and ID
  • the requested shipping method and cost
  • the total cost charged to the credit card
  • the customer's billing and shipping information
  • the CyberCash approval information, including the references you'll need if you must issue a refund or credit through CyberCash to the buyer's credit card
Although your customers' shopping carts will remember their shipping and billing addresses on their next visit, in the interests of privacy and security we do not store customers' full credit card numbers on our servers, only the first two and last four characters, and we do not transmit the full numbers to you via email. Because CyberCash handles card approvals and payments, you should never need to see the credit card numbers, since your merchant account will have been credited by the time you're notified of the transaction.